Sumino oy is a Finnish education and culture service organization. The company specializes in international exchanges and collaboration in the field of education and culture. Our main business includes education forum organizing, teacher training, student study tours, inter-school exchanges, teenager cross-cultural exchanges and related consulting services.

Sumino's vision is to provide education for all people without discrimination. We committed to delivering the highest quality of educational resources to everyone who loves life, so that everyone has the opportunity to be a better person. We are striving for exploring a new model of international education exchange, so that the education resources from different countries and regions can be optimally configured, different cultures and societies can be better understood and unlimited possibilities can be jointly created for the future. To better fulfill its mission, the company is headquartered in Finland, where the basic education system is recognized as the most leading one globally.

Forests, lakes, blue sky and clear water, Finland is immersed in fresh air and pure water with a more than 60% coverage of forests. In addition to a world-class natural environment, Finland is also one of the countries with the highest level of education and the best social welfare system around the world. Finns attribute all of these to Finnish education. Finnish education is based on the principles of equality, trust and self-dependent. After the PISA tests were launched in 1997, Finland education regularly ranked at or near the top of the assessment's various lists for years as the "best in the world" education system. Finnish education has become Finland's well-known business card after Finnish design, Nokia and Angry Birds.

Our purpose

Focusing on International Exchange and Collaboration in the Field of Education and Culture

Our team

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We can also customize our products and services according to your educational needs.
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