Every childs growth and development is unique. 
Every glance, breath, footstep and stride they take is a register of their growth experience. 
Our thoughtfully-designed parent-child camp endows you and your child with countless heart-warming and memorable moments.

Parent-child camp project in brief:

Sumino Oy’s Parent-Child Camp is designed for children and parents in which children not only get to experience Finnish-style classrooms in the most authentic settings, but also get to explore the natural world with Finnish characteristics. Together with their parents, children can discover the charm of knowledge in nature, truly understand the relationship between human and nature, and learn to respect and protect our common natural heritage and ecological environment. Children are only encouraged to take the initiative to accomplish tasks together with their parents. This can in turn stimulate their curiosity, creativity and smart thinking, and foster their sense of responsibility.

By allowing their children to experience an authentic Finnish classroom, parents can also see the world-renowned Finnish education system first-hand at our parent-child camps. The unique experience not only encourages parents to re-examine the nature of education but also helps children reappreciate the meaning and value of learning. Parents will also get to participate in special P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) training conducted by experienced educational specialists in Finland, in turn fostering their children’s cognitive development and critical thinking skills.  
P.E.T. is a parent-child communication model developed from researcher Dr. Thomas Gordon's research in 1962. P.E.T. training courses can help parents in three way:
1) Identify ways to help their children address their thoughts when they encounter emotional distress;
2) Set up boundaries with their children, encourage their children to understand and even offer help to them when the parents encounter emotional distress;
3) Resolve potential conflict situations in a peaceful and equalitarian manner without hurting each other's feelings when the needs of the children and parents do not correspond with each other.


We can also customize our products and services according to your educational needs.
For special needs, please leave a message at "Contact Us".

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