"Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books." - Chinese proverb
Sumino Oy's Summer/Winter Camp is the best choice for students interested in experiencing Finnish education and Nordic culture during their holidays.

Our inclusive "Finn" study tour camp in Tampere, a city in southern Finland, provides participants with an in-depth educational experience thanks to its wide variety of themes suitable for students aged between 10 and 17.
During the camp, students will use their own initiative when undertaking the scheduled practical projects and are encouraged to focus on the learning process, rather than the outcome. Through this mode of education, students can better understand how to learn independently and develop a skill that will be useful throughout their lives.

1:  STEM Theme

Under the guidance of Finnish teachers, students will independently complete a series of scientific, biological and design research topics, such as water pollution level surveys and algae concentration tests, as well as using a 3D printer to build the design and simulation of a device function. Under limited guidance, students will gain a glimpse into the world of scientific research through the completion of a series of research steps, including experiment selection and implementation, design of protocols and procedures, data acquisition and processing, and conclusions and reports. If the student intends to apply for a place at a foreign university after high school, our camp's education practice will be a very helpful learning experience.


2: Programming Theme

Finland is at the forefront of youth programming education and has a wealth of resources, such as teachers, teaching materials and experience. For example, Finnish children's book author Linda Liukas, who was listed in 2018 by Forbes as one of Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech, is a role model when it comes to Finland's strength in the field of teaching programming to children. Sumino Oy's Programming Theme camp creates a safe space for students to create and explore in a free and creative way. Under the guidance of teachers, students will design and program their own inventive creations, such as music boxes, robots and so on.

3: Forest Theme

Finland's natural environment is pure and clean, beautiful and fascinating. Summer is blue sky and white clouds, green trees and flowers, while winter sees the landscape covered in white snow and silver ice. Over 70 percent of the country is covered in trees, giving Finland the highest forest coverage in Europe by percentage and its vast presence means that it has an important role in the life of Finns. Not only is it a location for a relaxing walk in the woods or cross-country skiing among the trees, the forest is also the most important classroom in a Finnish school.
From kindergarten, students in Finland are taken by teachers into the forests to learn all about nature. Studies at home and abroad have proven that learning among nature and close contact with the natural environment are important sources for inspiring children's creativity. Immersing children in nature allows them to observe its beauty and magic, feel its richness and helps to stimulate their desire for knowledge. Sumino Oy's Forest Theme course offers students the chance to learn about the flora and fauna, taste wild berries and create artworks from the freely available branches, leaves and fruits... as well as understand the beauty of nature and life.

4: Art Theme

Sumino Oy and Kangasala, a city near Tampere, jointly hold the International Youth Art Festival every year. Students can participate in the festival by performing their own rehearsed song and dance programmes or exhibiting their own paintings, calligraphy and sculptures. They can also join other activities at the festival, such as watching performances, visiting museums and participating in cultural events.

International Youth Arts Festival website: www.lastenloytoretki.fi
International Youth Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lastenloytoretki
Sumino Oy also offers classes on the appreciation of classical music or Western painting, as well as Finnish design and other art courses. Held in a museum or music room, the course is taught by a Finnish instructor with many years of work or teaching experience. The instructor will describe the inspiration behind art and explain to the students how to better appreciate it.


5: Sports Theme

Finland's summer and winter sports are abundant. In the summer, endless forests and countless lakes are home to hiking, camping, swimming and saunas. In winter, the snow and ice bring the skating rinks and ski resorts to life across the country. It is a paradise for sports. Under the guidance of a professional Finnish instructor, students will engage in a series of fun activities such as hiking, boating, fishing (ice fishing), ice skating, skiing and even horse riding. In addition to the physical exercise programmes, there is an International Chess Camp available for students to improve their skills and make friends while playing against competitors their own age.

Watch a video of our 2017 International Chess Camp here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZaoxbxWkVI

6: Home Economics Theme

The goal of education is to instil each student with the skills to live and create a happy and meaningful life, not just to fill their heads with information. Finnish education has faithfully practiced this principle through its inclusion of handicrafts, embroidery, carpentry, metalworking and gardening in its curriculum. This course offers students the chance to undertake a full life skills course like that of a Finnish school, so they may learn to cook a Finnish dessert, plant strawberries or build wooden toy boat. Through the experience of these aspects of daily life, we hope students can find the meaning of happiness from the ordinary and trivial.


7: Media & Communication Theme

The development of the Internet and digital technology has profoundly changed our era. An efficient use of media, the absorption of valuable information and the generation and dissemination of our own views are becoming important skills, but the traditional approach to education is coming up short in this regard. The Sumino Tour Camp provides a unique media internship opportunity for students, who will learn how to engage in news writing (English), how to create multimedia content, and how to attract attention and other practical work skills on social media. The instructors include senior journalists and editors who have worked in the media industry for many years, mostly with an English-speaking background. Students will participate in real media projects, improve their English-writing ability and gain an understanding into the work involved with radio, television and news-publishing industries.

We can also customize our products and services according to your educational needs.
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