1st Hangzhou International Digital Education Exhibition (iDE


From October 20 to 22, 2018, the 1st Hangzhou International Digital Education Exhibition was officially unveiled at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The theme was “Sharing, Technology, and the Future”. The exhibition was hosted by Finland and covered an area of 300 square metres. It focused on Finnish preschool education and digital education resources and content. Other topics from the UK, Germany, Italy, and the United States included digital and wisdom, career and skills, art and design, and technological innovation.
iDEE 2018 was held in the Hangzhou International Expo Center and saw the attendance of representatives from government education departments and institutions from Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and the United States.

It focused on three themes:
1) Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
2) Digital education resources
3) International education cooperation to realize the interaction and win-win of G (government) + B (business) + C (common age) sides




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