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The Sumino Vision

Sumino performs as an educational resources and know-how integrator. In cooperation with our own pedagogists from both Finland and China, we integrate the excellent Finnish education resources to localize them into the best suited version for the Chinese market. Sumino is aiming to become the leading brand of Finnish education export to China!

Sumino Team

Sumino Ltd has a team consisting of highly educated qualified personnel. The team members are young and have a good sense of social responsibility. The goal of the Sumino team is to make Sumino Ltd first brand of educational, sports and cultural exchanges between China and Finland in the future.

As a cultural and educational exchange messenger between China and Finland, each member of the Sumino team is well versed in the educational and cultural characteristics of China and Finland. They have also witnessed the vigorous development of educational and cultural exchanges between China and Finland in recent years. 

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