CHN-FIN Winter Sports Cooperation

Finland is one of the world's strongest snow sports and winter sports such as ice hockey and cross-country skiing are among the world's leading. As a country with a population of only 5.5 million, Finland has more than 70,000 registered ice hockey players and 263 national ice rinks. The Finnish men's ice hockey team is one of the best in the world with Canada, the United States, The Czech Republic, Sweden and Russia which are also known as the “6 strong”. In the latest ranking of the International Ice Federation in 2019, the Finnish men's ice hockey team ranked third in the world. The Finnish men's ice hockey team has also achieved great results in the world competitions in recent years.


Champion of the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships

Runner-up in the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championships

Runner-up in the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championships


The results of the Finnish women's ice hockey team are equally remarkable. After the US and Canada, the Finnish women's ice hockey team ranked third, the only team in the world with the strength to challenge the two major teams in North America. The Finnish women's team won the bronze medal at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Silver medal in the 2019 World Ice Hockey Championship, bronze medal in the 2017 World Ice Hockey Championship.

Finland's cross-country skiing is also in the world's leading position. In the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Finland won 6 medals, 4 of which were obtained in cross-country skiing events, namely the men's 50km cross-country skiing gold medal and the women's 30km. Cross-country skiing silver medal, women's 15km cross-country skiing bronze medal and women's 10km cross-country skiing bronze medal.

Other winter projects in Finland, such as ski jumping, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, etc., have also achieved good results in the Winter Olympics.

Sumino Ltd cooperates with various sports institutions in Finland. Sumino arranges Chinese students, players, coaches, etc. to go to cooperative universities for study, short-term exchange or cross-education. Sumino is exporting the resources of Finnish education to China, both in academic and sports training, keeping China’s grand goal “300 million people on ice” in mind.


1 Infrastructure Construction

Sumino Ltd plans to introduce Finland's most advanced venue construction technology and provides facilities for ice and snow sports such as ice rinks and ice hockey stadiums for the Chines athletes, so that they have the possibility to train in the best way possible. The excellent conditions help the athletes to reach the goals.


2Trainer Training

Sumino Ltd offers long-term training in China for professional Finnish senior coaches to help players improve their skills. 


3Physical Education University Education

Sumino Ltd cooperates with various sports institutes and famous ice hockey clubs in Finland. The cooperation between the institutions and Sumino will help Chinese professional ice hockey players to enter the campus and complete the necessary academic and sports training, its quantity and quality, on the premises. In addition, they also provide higher education in sports management for coaches and senior school graduates.


4Overseas Training

Sumino Ltd has cooperated with the top ice hockey clubs in Finland to provide Finnish professional training camps for domestic ice hockey clubs, provincial and municipal teams. During the training period, we can arrange friendship competitions with Finnish clubs of equal level. 


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