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Winter/Summer Camp:

Sumino Ltd learning camp is located in Tampere, Finland, and is aimed at Chinese students aged 10-17, offering a variety of in-depth study experiences with different educational themes. At the Sumino Camps, teachers focus on the learning process, not the outcome of the student. Through this learning model, students learn how to learn on their own and such learning methods will benefit students throughout their lives.

The complete list of the available themes for the Sumino Learning Camps is as follows:

1. The STEAM Theme

Under the guidance of Finnish teachers, the students could cover a series of scientific and design research topics. Under guidance, students would independently complete a series of scientific research steps, such as experiment selection, design of the experiments, performing the experiments, data acquisition and processing, conclusions and reports, similar to scientific research. This content of the Sumino Learning Camp will be a very helpful learning experience for students who intend to apply for studies abroad in the future. 

2. The Coding Theme

Finland is one of the leading countries in children's coding education and digital learning. It has excellent resources such as teachers, teaching materials and teaching experience. This is why Sumino International's aim is to offer Chinese students the coding theme and the chance to learn these important future skills. Under the guidance of teachers, students will design and program interesting things, such as music boxes, robots and so on.

3. The Forest Theme

Finland is one of the countries with the highest forest coverage in the world, above 70 %. In Finnish schools, forest exploration is important from kindergarten on. There have been many studies showing that learning in nature and an intimate contact with the natural environment are important sources of children's creativity. The forest course of Sumino Ltd is arranged in the endless Finnish forest. Cognition of insects, tasting berries, embracing trees, creating artworks with readily available branches, leaves, and fruits, will allow students to understand the beauty of harmony between nature and life.


4. The Theme Of Art

In every July, Sumino Ltd will co-host the International Children's Art Festival with the municipality of Kangasala. Children participate in international art festivals, perform songs and dance programs and display their works of art such as paintings, calligraphy, sculptures, etc. Thanks to this event, they will be able to learn about art and appreciate its beauty, find friends and learn from each other.

Sumino Ltd will also provide lessons in classical music, western painting, Finnish design and other art courses. They could cooperate with Finnish senior teachers who have many years of work or teaching experience. They will be guiding the making of the art so that students learn to appreciate and enjoy art. 

5. Sports Theme

Finland is famous for winter sports and its resources in this field are extremely rich; whether in winter or summer, endless forests and countless lakes can be regarded as the best sports venues. Sumino Ltd will provide professional and experienced Finnish coaches to lead the students to a series of fun sports such as hiking, boating, fishing (ice fishing), ice skating, skiing, and even horse riding. In terms of intellectual sports, the students have the opportunity to walk into the Finnish chess house and build a bridge of cultural friendship with chess and friends.

6. The Home Economics Theme


According to the Finnish curriculum, the students study home economics at school, such as cooking and other aspects of household management. The practical skills needed in everyday life are seen important for the students to become independent and happy. Sumino wants to present to Chinese students also the practical subjects, like handicrafts, sewing, carpentry, metalworking and other subjects that are listed as formal courses by Finnish schools, allowing students to approach the various aspects life and see happiness in them. In addition to mastering the theoretical knowledge, the Finnish curriculum and Sumino encourage students to learn life skills and have the ability to create a happy and meaningful life.

Family Camp

More and more parents nowadays want to pay attention to parenting. The equal parenting model of Finland of both mothers and fathers is something that can serve as a model for China, too. Sumino offers camps to parents and children in which they would be taught how to create a positive atmosphere in the family and how to bring the children up in the best way. Through scientific methods, parents can re-educate and enhance their communication skills, thus improve their parenting style and ultimately achieve a harmonious parent-child relationship. 


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