Finland's preschool and basic education systems are often ranked number one in the world and
Sumino Oy is committed to bringing the best of them both to China.

Features of the Finnish Preschool Model

Sumino Oy is working with Finland's top early childhood education partners in order to transplant the original Finnish kindergarten concept to China.


First, the preschool curriculum follows the National Core Curriculum for Pre-Primary Education as set out by the Finnish National Board of Education
In Sumino kindergartens, our childhood education curriculum spans five subjects: music, art, nature, mathematics and sports. The course content follows the Finnish preschool national syllabus requirements, all designed by Finnish education experts to adapt to the growth of young children at different ages. Learning requirements and other updates are applied every year to ensure that the latest research in the field of preschool education is integrated into the course content. Here your child will experience the best Finnish preschool, exploring the wonders of learning in a more creative and comprehensive way.

Second, a Finnish preschool teacher and small classes
One of the secrets of Finnish education success is the high-quality teaching staff. The Sumino kindergartens will recruit teachers from Finland to work in China for extended periods. The class setting in the kindergarten is also modelled after the Finnish practice of small class sizes and full English teaching. By providing a familiar learning group for each child, they will easily adapt to comprehensive education in multiple fields.

Third, the "Finnish design" learning environment
Finnish design is unique in the world and is known for its simple, functional, people-oriented, environmentally friendly and healthy design concepts. The indoor and outdoor design of the Finnish kindergarten is designed by respected Finnish designers and the decoration materials are all from Finland to ensure high quality and safety. The classrooms have been exquisitely designed to not only facilitate children's learning, but also subtly guide their aesthetic development so they can learn to appreciate, discover and create beauty from early childhood. 

Fourth, the Finnish study tour opens your eyes
Every year, Sumino Oy organises study tours to Finland for students, teachers and families. Children can enter real Finnish kindergartens and interact with Finnish children of the same age. Teachers can participate in short-term teacher training programmes in Finland to rejuvenate their careers. Parents can participate in the internationally-renowned Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) programme to learn how to develop stronger relationships with their children and teach them how to independently solve problems. P.E.T. is also based on a balanced development of cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) to help children become more competitive, happier and healthier.


We can also customize our products and services according to your educational needs.
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