Introduction to the teacher training project:

Finland has one of the most stringent faculty standards and one of the most comprehensive teacher training systems in the world. Finnish teachers are “research-oriented” and those teaching in basic and general upper secondary education are required to hold at least a master's degree. Versed in educational sciences and have educational research skills, teachers must also be proficient in the daily application of these skills and continue to actively explore educational teaching methods.
The only task of the Finnish teacher training system is to nurture competent teachers and develop the necessary professional qualities to ensure that their career continues to progress. In other words, teachers in Finland must have the ability and willingness to learn for life. The Finnish education sector advocates the ability to learn so education can continue to innovate and improve.
High standards are the driving force for teacher training. In Finland, teachers, like doctors, must constantly study and improve their knowledge. Teachers must implement lifelong education, and the law also stipulates that Finnish teachers must have three full days of off-the-job training per school year. Finnish universities, municipalities, teachers' associations, and private faculties also employ a variety of methods to provide training services for in-service teachers. At the same time, the school and the government are also actively responsible, including paying for expensive substitute teachers, so in-service teachers can participate in training.
Sumino Oy provides the most professional overseas training and opportunities for study abroad for Chinese teachers and education-related workers. Sumino Oy has a strong foundation of cooperation with many Finnish higher education institutions and universities, and has undertaken many educational activities, such as principal teacher training, and other related projects, including the study of Sino-Finnish education.


Characteristics of Sumino Oy Teacher Training

First, the training content is rich. Finnish teacher training involves regularly updating professional knowledge, improving teaching methods, developing research capabilities, applying modern information technology, as well as campus security and home-school communication.
Second, the training course is highly targeted. Sumino Oy will provide tailor-made training programmes for client groups based on customer requirements, including principal leadership and management skills training, teacher creativity and teacher team building, school curriculum design and how to implement national courses.
Third, the training is diverse. Sumino Oy combines the characteristics of Finnish education with the integration of phenomenological courses. The training methods include traditional classroom lectures, as well as specific practical guidance and school visits. We will guide the principals through Finnish primary and secondary schools, so they can experience the charm of Finnish education in a real classroom environment.

We can also customize our products and services according to your educational needs.
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