Since the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the most significant gathering of the country's ruling party, in 2012, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been emphasising the need for a range of new philosophies and ideas regarding educational reform. 

This drive includes accelerating the modernisation of China's vocational education, emphasising the need to "empower the nation through education by providing quality education that meets people's expectation."


Introduction to Sumino Oy Vocational Education Project:

1) Student exchanges and the promotion of student exchanges between Sino-Finnish vocational schools. The two countries can send students to one another's schools for short-term or long-term exchanges, as well as conduct on-the-job work experience in foreign companies to strengthen skills and broaden horizons.
2) The summer study programme organises Chinese vocational school students to attend a Finnish school for short-term training during the summer vacation. Participants will obtain the corresponding European-recognised credits. Students who have an excellent performance during the training period can also get the chance to study abroad.
3) Cooperation in running schools, relying on the resources of Finnish vocational education, starting or cooperating with open vocational schools in China, introducing international elements to China's vocational education, and working to improve the quality of China's vocational education.

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